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Dobeck Performance Newsletter | April 2013

NEW VIDEO: Comparing DP's AFR+, EJK and TFI Controllers

Comparing AFR Plus, EJK and TFI Controllers Dobeck Performance Employee, explains the generation differences of EFI controllers on his Polaris RZR 800. All referenced controllers are piggyback EFI controllers which allowed each one to be installed in series. Video demonstrates adjusting the GEN 2 (TFI); GEN 3/3.5 (EJK); and the GEN 4 (AFR+). Click here to view the newly posted, easy to follow video.

Dobeck Performance Scores Big at Mud Nationals

Dobeck Performance at Mud NationalsDP controllers had a great weekend at Mud Nationals, the world's largest mud racing / riding event, held in Jacksonville, Texas, March 20 - 24. Results include (but are not limited to) the following:

Endurance Race
First Place: Dakota Klein and John Ferranti (XMR 800 / Can-am Outlander Gen 2 650) -- EJK GEN 3
Second Place: Mark Wise and Seth Russell (Can-am Outlander 800 / Gen 2 650) -- EJK GEN 3

Mud Bog
ATV Third Place: Seth Russell (Can-am Outlander 1000) -- EJK GEN 3
RUV First Place: Brian Taylor (Polaris RZR 900) -- EJK GEN 3.5
RUV Third Place: Steve Hittle (Commander 1000) -- EJK GEN 3.5
Early Teen First Place: Riley Jo Smith (Can-am Outlander 400) -- EJK GEN 3.5
Early Teen Second Place: Racheal Wright (Can-am Outlander 400) -- EJK GEN 3.5

Women's Open First Place: Lisa Wise (Can-am Outlander Max 800) -- EJK GEN 3
Women's Open Second Place: Julia L. McGinnis (Can-am Outlander Max 800) -- EJK GEN 3
Lite First Place: Arthur Rousse (Can-am Outlander 400) -- EJK GEN 3.5
Lite Second Place: Chris Robertson (Can-am Outlander 400) -- EJK GEN 3.5
Pro-A First Place: Matt Bernard (Can-am Renegade 1000) -- EJK GEN 3
Pro-A Third Place: Clint Smith (Can-am 800) -- AFR+ GEN 4
Pro-B First Place: Brad Smith (Can-am Outlander 800) -- EJK GEN 3
Pro-B Second Place: Chris Robertson (Can-am Outlander 650) -- AFR+ GEN 4
Pro-B Third Place: Dakota Klein (Can-am Outlander 800) -- EJK GEN 3
Super Mod Second Place: Matt Bernard (Can-am Renegade 1000) -- EJK GEN 3
RUV First Place: Brian Taylor (Polaris RZR 900) -- EJK GEN 3.5
RUV Third Place: Steve Hittle (Can-am Maverick X RS) -- EJK GEN 3.5
Super Mod Second Place: Matt Bernard (Can-am Renegade 1000) -- EJK GEN 3

New Releases

Hyosung GT 650RHiSun 700

HYOSUNG GT 650R EJK Controller Part Number 8120125; Retail: $250
HI-SUN 700 EJK Controller Part Number 8310070; Retail: $225

These controllers were developed with GEN 3.5 technology and feature the standard six on-board adjustable modes of cruise fuel, acceleration fuel, full throttle fuel, and three switch point modes to control where the fueling engages.
Dobeck Performance 2013 Dealer Catalog

DP's new Dealer Catalog is fresh off the presses! If you're already an authorized DP dealer, your catalog is in the mail and on the way. If you're NOT a dealer, and would like to be, it's easy -- just fill out our online dealer application and we'll get the ball rolling.

Click here to view catalog >>
Playmaker Grips

Introducing PlayMaker Grips
Check out our newest product for gamers! Available for XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers, PlayMaker Grips are Designed to add comfort to your gaming. Interested in our dealer sales program? Fill out an application and add another great product to your offerings!
DP on Facebook

"I wanted to thank y'all for such a great product. I was at Mud Nationals this weekend getting ready for the biggest race in mud racing, and I had some mechanical problems with my Can-Am Outlander. Once I fixed the problems, I was in need of a re-tune. I had another brand tuner on my race rig and it would have taken hours to properly tune it. At this point, I was put in contact with Michael Deloach, and he suggested the Dobeck programmer. Needless to say, he was able to put a perfect tune on my Outlander with a Dobeck in a fraction of the time and this made it possible for me to make the race. Thanks again!"  -- Shane Dowden via Facebook

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