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We are always looking for more personnel to add to our team. Someone who is good for the role, good for Dobeck and good at lots of things. We can't have too many specialists in just one particular area and look for people who can help out in multiple roles.

Our hiring process is pretty basic. This will first involve a conversation with our HR director or general manager. We then prefer to conduct an onsite interview at our office in Belgrade, Montana. We hire at various different levels which includes interns, part-time and full-time employees.

What we look for
  1. Passion for Powersports - You are more likely to get hired if you ride some vehicle yourself. Be sure to let us know.

  2. Active Personality - Lots of people just want to do the bare minimum on a job. We want people who stay ACTIVE in their job role.

  3. Multiple Disciplines - We want people who can wear multiple hats in our organization.

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Dobeck offers three different internship sessions throughout the year which is broken up to work around the college semesters. Fall, Spring and Summer internships are available for a number of different interests. Internships are not solely reserved for college students, but are available to anyone interested. All internships are a paid position. The minimum number of hours which must be maintained is 10 hours per week and most are allowed up to 20 hours per week. All interns start under stage 1 classification, but have the ability to move through successive sessions to different stages and possibly earn full-time employment.

Fall - September to December
Spring - January to May
Summer - May to August

Engineering - Stages I, II and III
Our main focus for engineering degrees is for electrical and mechanical, but our internships are open to any engineering degree. All engineering internships start by learning the basics of building an EFI controller. A main focus through the production process is to understand the testing procedures for DP's EFI controllers. All engineer interns will learn the basic use of an oscilloscope. Engineering interns are then placed to an area of interest of either troubleshooting warranty returns, creating harness design documents, machining parts with a mill or lathe, etc.

Business - Stages I, II and III
Our main focus for business students is to understand the flow of information throughout the company. All business internships start by learning the basics of products offered and how each one functions. Business students will be trained on phones and customer service. Business interns are then given a project of interest to manage and/or create sales and marketing material.

Other - Any degree or skill - Stage I, II and III
Everyone has a skill and sometimes an individual just needs a shot to apply a skill within a real functioning company. Dobeck will entertain the idea of giving any individual an opportunity to show what they can do.

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