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Impressed with our product? Let others know by sending us a testimonial and we'll post it on this page. Contact us about how we helped you achieve maximum performance with your powersport's vehicle.

From: Bob Faulkner - Tbone Racing

Installed my Dobeck EJK about a month ago on my 2011 Indian Chief and noticed a nice increase in top end performance. My bike has a stage 1, bored out exhaust, (still has the cat) and air cleaner mod, so I set the Dobeck EJK to G-4, Y-3.5, R-3.5, GB-3.5, YB-3.5 and RB-4. Difference was amazing! I no longer have to feather the clutch in parking lots and slow turns. Power band is smooth from 1800 RPM to 3000 RPM for the first time since I have owned this bike. Great product. Thanks!!!

From: Chop

EJK on my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300: I want to thank you for your product. After using it awhile on my bike and learning how to make little adjustments as needed, I LOVE IT! The controller is a large difference even for a Ninja 300. So simple to hookup. Just a loose gas tank allowed me to hook up the piggy back wires. Didn't have to remove the tank. No computer. No splicing wires. No downloads. OTF (on-the-fly) tuning is so awesome!!

From: HOG45

All I can say is WOW!! After installing the EJK GEN 3 tuner on my 1996 roadking, the bike runs so much better. Being an older Harley Roadking with the problematic Magneti-Marelli fuel injection system, I couldn't find anyone who could properly adjust the proper fuel mix. Now with your EJK fuel controller I do not get the dreaded deceleration pop and erratic idle. Best tech support I have EVER dealt with. Thank you again for bringing my bike back to life.

From: Wentworth Henry Corley

I bought the EJK for my 2014 Honda CRF250L. As all you know that have this bike its lacking in stock form when it comes to power so I bought the EJK. THIS PRODUCT ROCKS!!!!! I added a slip on pipe and opened up the airbox and I could not believe the power this controller makes!! When I first bought this little power house I could not believe a fuel controller of this size could do what it did for my bike. I have to say this one more thing about their customer service. IT ROCKS TOO!! I work with people all day long and they are way better than me at taking care of the public. Whenever I called for help on tuning, their tech support was there to answer the phone and by the time we were done my bike had power in all of the power band and especially when I hit second it was wanting to raise the front wheel. It never did that in stock form. Not even close to that! Thanks DP for all your help and kindness! Oh yeah and I'm not good at installing things and this was VERY EASY to install as long as you read the directions! If i can do it.....you can do it!!! Thanks again Dobeck!!!!!

From: Dean

I would like to just say thanks to all the staff at Dobeck Performance for their help on the AFR+. I have a 2014 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 X with Muzzy exhaust and clutch work. The AFR+ is the easiest thing to tune and it allowed me to make peak horsepower on the dyno and helped clean up the rich idle. Thank you.

From: Eddie

Great job DP! The EJK controller woke my Vaquero up from a deep sleep. Amazing how much happier the motor is all around! Best money I've spent in a long time. If anyone is thinking of adding a fuel controller (power commander, fuel pak, etc.) to your bike then I highly recommend the EJK by Dobeck. These guys have treated me VERY well so far. THANK YOU!

From: Bob

I'll be sure to tell all my friends and share on Facebook how great Dobeck is to work with! They already know how good Dobeck products are as they have problems keeping up with me on the same machines!!! Lol Take care and thank you again!

From: Steve

Let me say that the AFR+ has totally transformed the engine characteristics of my 2006 Triumph Rocket 3. I have clocked up about 5000km on the bike since installing the AFR+ and still find my self smiling from ear to ear when I roll on the throttle. The improvents and increase in torque generated by the AFR+ tune is instantly noticable. The solid strong running, smooth and steep ramp up all the way to redline is amazing. I am most happy running the mixtrures at maximum air to fuel of 13.5 to 1. I am probably using a little more fuel than if I ran leaner mixtures, but prefer it that way. The engine runs cooler and the throttle response is snappy and instant.

I asked a friend whom owns a tuning shop to ride my bike and advise me on whether he felt a dyno tune may find any more power. He disapeared on my bike for almost an hour and was wearing the biggest smile I have ever seen before on his face. He told me that I must be crazy to be riding such a powerfull machine and advise me not to touch a damn thing. The bike as far as he was concerned ran the strongest and smoothest of any he has ever ridden. He was almost certain that a dyno tune would be a waste time and money.

Thanks DP!

From: Brett Ferguson

EJK on my 2007 Sportster 1200L
I purchased my bike with a competitor's product already installed, and after installing a new air cleaner kit, it ran terribly. I made several calls to competitor's tech support where they continued to guess at adjustments. None of them worked. I happened upon the EJK, and I was swayed by the many testimonials like this one. It showed up 2 days later, installed in under 45 minutes, and it's like a brand new bike! No more hesitation/bucking. No more deceleration popping. And it runs much cooler. Was a tremendous investment, at a very reasonable price!

From: Chris Horvath

I received the EJK for my Yamaha Stryker today. Very simple install. Took me about 15-20 minutes from start to finish. Bike rides so nice now. Much smoother. Thanks!!!

From: Doug Chilcote

You guys are awesome!!! Installed the Gen 3 EJK on my 2012 VN1700 Nomad I ordered from you. I didn't know my motorcycle could run so well!!! I didn't want to get off it! Hestitation is gone ... bike pulls harder up the mountain and on the highway in overdrive it even has more passing power without downshifting... engine runs cooler... And I haven't even tried to adjust it from the base settings at all. Thanks again for an awesome product!

From: Bill

My 2000 Road king runs like a champ now with the EJK GEN 3 installed. No more popping (backfire) or spit back thruough the intake. Thanks Dobeck for your help with the irregular idle. Set the green mode to a light setting of 3.0 and it runs great. Evidently because my machine is stock the pre-programmed setting of 3.5 was too rich. Would highly recommed this kit to anyone having the above mentioned type of problem with the HD fuel injecton system. Well worth the price for a fantistic product!!

From: S. Caldwell

You Guys Rock! After a year of a bad running 2006 Road King and everything I did failing to improve it and the dealer saying the lean miss was just one of those things to deal with, you guys fixed my bike. I bought the tuner and it was an easy install and even before I added any fuel into the mix it had cured my problem. I was ready to sell the bike and buy another EVO-Carb bike, but now I love it. We just rode around 600 miles this weekend and it was perfect. Thank you so much for a great product and for taking the time to listen to me. I am telling everyone I know about Dobeck Tuners.

From: Kirk Leaman

I would like to give a very big thank you to Dobeck Performance. My bike has never run so well! I've had the Power Commander, and Thunder Junk, oh sorry I mean Max. Don't waste your money. Just buy the EJK EFI tuner and be done! Thanks again DP!

From: Hollywood HD Iron

All I can say is wow. Just wow. I got my 2009 sportster Iron went it first came out. Immediately I was disappointed with its performance. Simply put. I couldn't grasp how an 883 CC engine could be so weak and poorly responsive. I installed the V&H Short Shots and SE Hi Flow Filter and I thought it brought it to life. And it did, but with the TFI, it is born again. Wow. I never remapped it because I figured it wouldn't change much and that the sensors would compensate. 4 years later. 4 years! I rode this bike without remapping. I recently had to change a head gasket seal because it was running so lean that it was overheating the engine. So much I didn't know. The moment I installed the TFI it was like I fed the engine what it was hungry for the whole time. It was and is amazing. I feel like I added 20 horsepower, and 20 lbs of torque. No tinny engine noises, deeper bass in the rumble, immediate and fully responsive acceleration and a sweet cruising rpm and rumble, not like it was working itself to death. I feel like I can even compete with the race bikes now, okay, maybe not that much, but wow. I normally don't write these testimonials, but for a product that is a fraction of the price of the PCIII's and Fuelpaks and Sport Tuners... amazing. I can't wait to ride these days. Thanks guys. Well worth every penny.

From: George

I bought an EJK GEN 3. The unit installed like a dream and better than that, this unit enabled me to achieve the adjustments to correct the 2 problems I was having. Thanks for delivering just what you said it would do. Also thanks for extending a discount for us vets.

From: Joey Merindo

I had to let you know that I appreciate your staff of professionals, an excellent product that brought my 2010 Iron 883 to life, and made it feel like a whole new machine! I can't believe how much harder it pulls through the gears, eliminated the "lug" at low mph, and greatly improved the responsiveness of the bike with the DK Customs Air Cleaner assembly kit and Screaming Eagle Slip-ons! I'm stoked and would recommend your product to anyone looking to improve the performance of their Sportster. Thank you for the quality product, cool stickers, and fast shipping.

From: Dean

just gotta say .....wow!!! took minutes to fit and the same to tune on my TL1000R and now my bike runs like a dream and so easy to set up.....thanks again, i love it! all bikes need this system.

From: James D Rice

When an individual's motorcycle exhibits annoying and/or irritating conditions such as stumbling idle and surging at low to medium cruise speeds, it detracts from the pleasure of riding. These problems existed with my 2012 HD XL1200V in the strictly stock condition. The addition of HD Screamin Eagle street legal cans did not make any noticeable difference in performance and there was no popping as some owners have reported. However, the sound was a definite improvement.

In an effort to solve the idle/surging conditions, researching of the various EFI controllers from different manufactures was started. The Cobra Fi2000 PowerPro Auto Tune was considered but was soon disregarded as this one has no memory. With this tuner, whenever the bike is shut down, all learned settings are lost and on the next startup, the learning process begins all over. How long does this take? Three blocks? A half mile? A mile?

The Dobeck Performance EJK GEN 3.5 was selected because of the excellent reviews, performance, value, ease of installation and operation. This unit provides tuning options in six different modes. In addition to the generic installation guide, a guide specific to the Sportster was included which made the install a snap. At the time of the EJK install, an HD Screamin Eagle Stage One air cleaner was also installed.

The test ride: Whoa!!! This fuel starved, EPA compliant, oversized lawn mower engine was awakened. Out of the box, the annoying/irritating conditions were gone. Cruise at all speeds is very smooth, this bike is now a pleasure to ride as it should be.

Thanks Dobeck Performance

From: Mark Johnson

I just wanted to write and thank your company for the service they provided me when i stopped by your shop during my vacation. Thanks to the Dobeck team for the undivided attention they gave me when i was up there. That was one of the highlights of my trip. It's companies like yours that stand out from the rest with your outstanding customer service. You will always have my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a tuning system.

From: John Hunt

You guys are Rock-Stars... I installed the TFI on my 06 Vegas Jackpot last night. I wanted to drop a note of thanks to the good folks at Dobeck Performance; your product installed and worked as advertised.

The reason this country is great is because of the business owners, innovators and Rock Stars like Dobeck. You feed our economy and make our country great. Thank you for your service!

From: Robert Hinz

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the EJK for the 2009 1700 Vulcan Nomad. The install was simple and straight forward. Having read the instructions prior to delivery, I knew where I was going to start with the settings and think I hit the mark pretty well, but few more rides may will tell. During my ride today, I noticed that the idle is smoother, acceleration through the gears is far better and the bike runs cooler without sacrificing milage. The bike feels new and much improved!

I have had the Cobra FI2000 PowerPro and DynaJet Power Commander and neither of those had the same result. The Cobra was one size fits all, as long as you had a size 10 shoe. The Power Commander is really meant to be dyno'd but having used maps from same year bikes and equipment that had been dyno'd and was not impressed with the results and I was reluctant to invest in any more in the process.

Thank you for the excellent product and lightening fast shipment.

From: Steve Gold

I want to thank you all for getting my Road King back on the highway. I took a 130 mile ride yesterday and I believe we are all fixed. Mileage looks pretty good as well. Your generosity flat blew me away. Words can not say enough, but rest assured I will be telling people about your expertise and products!

From: Timothy

My 09 FLHX w/Bub-7 TD's, LA Choppers xXx breather and Dobeck GEN3/EJK. Previously ran TFI (09 - 12) and upgraded to GEN3 this summer. Both tuners are AWESOME products and Dobeck really supports their hardware + military (Retired USAF). Hats off to them!!!

From: Jim

The EKJ Gen 3 unit I purchased for my 2009 HD Dyna Super Glide from you was extremely easy to hookup. Even with taking my time routing the wiring I was done in under an hour. From first startup it was obvious by the sound it was running better with a more agressive exhaust sound. The throttle response is immediate, no adjustment was needed. Thank You Again.

From: Tom
Subject: Thank You

I would just like to say thank you guys for the help and the EJK turner. I had a Cobra FI2000R on my 2005 GSXR 750 and after sending it back for a new one five times it still did not work with my bike. You guys sent me an EJK for my bike at a great price and it works great!! My bike feels like a new bike and I have none of the problems that I had with the FI2000R. Thanks.

From: Chad
Subject: tech support

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you. I put one of your EJK/big shot fuel control boxes on my 2002 Ultra Glide recently. I called in for support and they couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. The tech had answers to every question and even had setup advice as to how I should set it up. Your product does exactly what it should do and then some. My fuel mileage has improved slightly, the power is better and the bike is smoother running. The bottom is where I always thought the torque needed help and your programmer gave it to me. It feels like a different bike especially when I lug it down. Thank you very much for producing such a quality add on and for having REAL tech support.

From: Anonymous
Subject: TFI Testimonial

Thank you for the Military discount and an even bigger thanks for such a fine product. I recently installed the TFI unit on my 2009 HD FLTC and although the main reason I installed it was to reduce the heat coming off the motor, I was really surprised by the increase in power. I've no dyno figures to compare, but it feels like I found a substantial amount of additional Torque and a few more ponies along the way. Wish I would have done this sooner. Thanks again for a great product.

From: Jimmy
Subject: EJK controller

Just installed your TFI on my 2007 Street Bob. Had a K&N air filter and rush slipons. What a difference your product made. The smoothness of the acceleration was incredible. It doesn't even feel like the same bike. The power increase was awesome also. Thank you for a well made product that does what you advertise it to do. The recommended settings were dead on. Thanks again!

From: Richard
Subject: EJK controller

I just wanted to follow up on the part that I ordered and say thanks. With a new exhaust, air system, and the TFI module, my HD Softail is running like a different bike...better.

Thanks for the great customer service!

From: Mark Smith
Subject: EJK controller

Got the Electronic Jet Ket installed over Christmas. Four of us went on a 225 mile ride today (just a short Lunch ride in Texas). The bike is more responsive and has more get up and go. I wanted to thank you guys for the fast shipping and a controller that is easy to install. The Stage One settings appear to be right on. Thanks

From: Anonymous
Subject: Testimonial

Like so many others, I tried the V&H Fuel Pack. No bashing of them at all, but the bike never was right. Ran across your product online, took a chance and holy crap what a pleasnt surprise! Easy install, set to your specs and never have looked at unit again! It works. Period. I had minor mods on my 06 Street Glide. Pipes and air cleaner. For those of you wanting to do the same, don't waste your time on the re-map at the dealer. This is the way to go and you get the pleasure of doing it yourself!

From: Anonymous
Subject: Testimonial

I have a 05 Ultra Classic HD converted to a trike this year. I went with the Champion trike kit with the reverse kit. The bike has the stage two 95 kit with race turner and 203 cams. With the trike kit installed the fuel economy has not been the greatest. It has ranged from 23 to 27 MPG. (The new factory trike gets about 35.) It is not as good as it was when it had 2 wheels. I was about to sell the trike before I talked with the people that installed the trike kit. They told me to get in touch with Dobeck Performance and see if he could help me out. After talking with him I had the Dobeck GEN 4 installed. I have traveled just over 12K this year through multiple states with the trike kit. The fuel economy has ranged from 33 to as high as 46 MPG. Traveling has been on back roads, mountain passes, and some freeway ( as little as possible). Travel speeds ranged from 25 MPH to as high as 80 MPH. Dobeck has been a great support in the installation and taken care of any problems that I have had to improve the fuel economy on this trike. Thanks for all your help.

From: Tom Hewitt
Subject: Testimonial

Recently purchased and installed your controller, FI-1047ST, on my 06 Ducati 800ss. I find that it is a rare occasion when a performance upgrade lives up to its advertising claims. What a pleasant surprise, everything you say about your product is absolutely true. Installation was quick and easy. Riding the bike is now a much more enjoyable experience. Gone is the near complete lack of power below 3K RPM, replaced by actual throttle response. The bike is much smoother at all speeds and now pulls like a tractor any time I whack the throttle.

Just wanted to congratulate you on a truly great product.

From: Steven
Subject: Testimonial

Hi guys, just a quick note to thank you for your great service and kindness. The unit is working great. This bike now does things it never thought of before, in a higher gear, with mucho gusto. Smoother, noticeably more power everywhere at all times. Also cooler, but now my old, tired legs get cold. Guess I'll just have to get warmer pants. Thank you all very, very much.

From: TL Reining T's Place Inc
Subject: Testimonial

As a new dealer for you company, I had the pleasure of installing the TFI system on a customers 1997 Harley Davidson Roadking. He had been running another "tuner" and the bike never ran right. His motor is stock with a K&N highflow aircleaner and Thunderheaders for exhaust. I installed the TFI, set the pots to the recommended settings. The bike fired right up, no issues. The customer took his bike out for a test ride after install and when he came back to the shop, the grin on his face was evident. His comment, "this is the best this bike has ever run!!". Truely, a testimate to the quality of your product and I'm confindent, more an more of my customers will switch their tuners to the TFI system.

From: John Haggerty - Auburn, NH
Subject: Techlusion Testimonial

I am thrilled with my new GEN3 EJK kit. I have been struggling with a V&H Fuelpak for over 2 months. Numerious calls and trial and error. Seemed to be guessing all the time with thier support. Your device was simple to install and best of all it works and works well. I had to make ZERO adjustments. The decel pop, pop between shifts, missing in low speed cruise is all gone. It just runs and runs very well. Please accept my congratulations on a great product.

From: Unknown
Subject: Techlusion Testimonial

Thanks for a great product solution! My 2002 BMW 1150RT had become hardly enjoyable to ride. The constant surging was really a drag. I was ready to sell the bike. I had the dealer install it and its like a new bike! I can't believe how smoothe the power delivery is, no surging at all!

From: Damon Smith
Subject: Testimonial

I have a 2008 96ci Dynaglide that has the HD stage 1. This engine idle was choppy and has always surged at low rpm and ran extremely hot and it would ping and backfire. The performance was better that stock but not what I thought it should be and it was getting 44mpg. I did a lot of research on tuners and found the Techlusion which is what I was looking for. I wanted to be able to easily tune the engine before I made any modifications. The installation was easy and the baseline settings were close, with only some slight tweaking to get it where I wanted.This engine is like night and day. The idle is smoother, it is running much cooler,no more low rpm surging,pinging or backfire and there is a noticeable power increase,it now jumps when the throttle is slammed,response is excellent.I can run it down to 40mph in 6th gear and the engine pulls fine and I can accelerate without it bucking.My mileage increased from 44 to over 48mpg. I am telling other riders about this product. I also have a 2004 Electra Glide Classic with the 88ci engine that has some of the same problems.I will be ordering the TFI contoller for this bike also.

From: Unknown
Subject: Testimonial

I ride a Yamaha V-Star 1300. I have run a Cobra fuel processor since I bought the bike in 2007. I had to make adjustments when my elevation severly changed and when the weather changed. I had a backfire that i just couldn't tune out. Well i evidently placed the unit in a bad spot under my seat, because it finally shorted out blowing my fuel pump fuse. After about 100 websites and 100 phone calls, I chose the Doebeck product. Installation was frustrating at best, my American man hands don't fit well inside Japanese equipment. After installing it, I got the unit set with the minimum settings remommended by Doebeck (gas is $4.11 per gal)My test run ride was a 600 mile ride down to Ensenada Mexico and back. I hardly recognized my bike,the response was so much better, it seems like the TFI has even stretched the "Power Band" I find myself shifting gears a lot less often on surface streets there is actually power at low speeds in second gear without lugging, and the mileage... 48mpg on the highway average speed 80mph. Oh, and the backfire has gone away for the most part.

From: Unknown
Subject: great product

Just got back from my 80 mile test run after installing the latest version of your fuel controller on my 2009, 1000 v strom. What a great product, easy to install and easy to adjust. No more coughing and spitting @ 3000 rpms. You guys do what you say. Thanks

From: Tim Walker
Subject: Military Discount

Just wanted to take a minute and give you some feedback on my recent purchase of the Gen III for my 2009 VN1700 w/K&N filter. WOW! Installed in about 15 minutes. Took it out for a test ride and the slug turned into a beast! This bike has power now and I haven't even done any "fine tuning" yet. I'm sure there is more power to be had after I install some new pipes. You can be sure that all the riders here in the NM Air Guard will hear about this and they'll be wanting one too!!

From: T Grogan
Subject: tuner install, no question

No question, just a comment. Nice work. The recommended settings were perfect for my bike, and it runs better in all ranges. Something I had not expected was that it also rides smoother. When I put on true duals, I picked up a little vibration because the pipes are of different lengths, thus effectively giving each cylinder its own tq curve. It was not harsh, just noticeable. To me, anyway. I am a AH-64 Instructor, and little noises and vibrations are picked up on by helicopter pilots very quickly, that is, if they are destined to be old helicopter pilots. But your device cured that too. Thanks for a good product, and for supporting the military.

From: Bob Seper
Subject: Dobeck Technical: Thank you Chris, Matt and the team at Dobeck

I want to thank you for your fantastic counsel and for the incredible ease of speaking with knowledgable customer service and technical company personnel. Oh, and for a superior product!! The Gen III controller is a high quality, affordable piggback controller. I know that when I want to add more performance down line, I'll have the onboard ability to insure the performance objective is realized. You guys rock!

From: Mark in PA
Subject: Dobeck General: WORK'S

Bought one of your device's off E-Bay from a seller. Still new in package. Installed last week on a stock 02 FLHTCI which would sometimes ping. Pinging is gone and MPG actually went up, which really suprised me. Awesome little box !!!

From: Unknown
Subject: Dobeck Technical: Thanks

Thanks for the great customer support. Matt troubleshot my TFI box and sent along a replacement. The new box works great. My problem is GONE! My Bandit 1250S is back to being the smooth, strong torque monster it was before the glitch hit. To all potential customers who wonder if these guys will stand behind their product .... THEY DO!

From: Dean Retzloff
Subject: Re: Dobeck Technical: 2005 Suzuki m50

Dean here from Coleman, Michigan. Spoke with Chris last week on the phone and got an excellent email from Matt. All for a FI-2057ST module that i bought from a dude in texas that writes for a motorcycle magazine. You guys helped me wire it to my 2005 Suzuki M50. You didnt have to. I manage an automotive parts store. Have for 25 years. I know customer service and YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE FRICKEN ROCKS!! The module is hooked up properly and it kicks ass. I modified my airbox to 200 percent of its original intake. It matches the runner flow now. Put a set of V&H pipes on it. NEW bike. It runs so awesome now. THANK YOU guys for all the help. It is so refreshing to find a company that still cares about their product AFTER the sale, even after it was sold again.

From: Norman R Helms Jr
Subject: Thank you

I recently purchased your TFI for my Kawasaki 1500 classic. I had a small problem with the wiring during install. The tech guy was right on top of it! ( two green and blue wires in harness) After making the right connection, I couldn't be more pleased with your product. Suggested settings were right on the money. Now I can finally get the benefit of my performance exhaust and K&N filter. Thanks for making an awesome product and superior technical assistance.

From: Brad Murphy
Subject: Thanks for a Great Product !!

I received my TFI-1250ST and with no problems installed unit in a reasonable amount of time (It took me a little longer than 60mins). I tested and tuned the bike per: recomendations and ended up very close to the suggested settings. The bike runs Great. I am very happy with your product... Thanks Brad Murphy Charlotte, NC

From: John Moro
Subject: Purchase

I have a 95 BMW R1100gs and I just purchased your product FI-1033. Installation was a breeze and adjusting the pots according to the directions is almost perfect at the base line. I was hesitant to purchase at first, but I was so sick of the surging that I figured what the hell. Well, I couldn't be happier. The first ride I took was an unbelievable difference in the way the bike rode. I have just put 1000 miles on the bike since the TFI and pulled the plugs to see what they looked like and they were perfect. As for mileage, who cares, the bike is running great and I couldn't care less about losing 2-3 miles per gal. Lets be realistic, Hmmmmmm, surge or lose 2-3 miles per gal and have a smooth running bike.NO BRAINER HERE!!! I love your product and will recommend it to all. Thank you, John Moro

From: Phil N
Subject: Purchase

I just purchased and installed the TFI-2052ST for my 2006 Yamaha Stratoliner. I want to say that this unit was very easy to install and adjust. After the installation and a small amount of time to make the adjustments, the power increase was outstanding! The bike also runs smoother and the backfire associated with aftermarket exhaust systems is almost non existent. I run the D&D Slip on muffler and a stock intake. One of the steps in the instructions was not to clear for me so I called the number listed in the instructions. I was connected with Chris in Tech Support. I want to say that Chris was Awesome in helping me to clarify a couple of small issues. Cudos to Dobeck Performace on an Awesome Product and outstanding customer support!!

From: Pete Southam
Subject: Appreciation

When I reassembled my R1150RT after a spline lube I could not understand why the engine performance was so awful.

Thanks to Matt and Chris I discovered that I had reassembled the R259 harness incorrectly. There are two possible places where the harness plugs will fit. The correct place, as Matt pointed out, is right at the injector on either side, where 12V is available. Like a bonehead, I made the connection at the airbox. Matt’s advice to “follow the volts” led me quickly to the problem.

My bike is purring again and I am grateful.

From: Rex Fortner
Subject: Tech Support for Ness Big Shot

I am very impressed.... Your support guys are pros. Matt and George helped me fix my issue that was the result of installation but not caused but the Big Shot. They were courteous, professional and patient. They got to the heart of the issue and assisted me in resolving quickly. Really happy I chose this product. I will recommend it to my fellow Harley Riders.

From: Ken R
Subject: Testimonial

I wanted to echo some of the testimonials regarding your product for my 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic.

You only produced the tap on version when I bought the unit from you but installation was easy. I put on a Thunder Air Kit and Vance & Hines pipes and it was a pleasant task to fine tune the settings from your initial recommendations and those on your forum to get the bike running perfectly.

I had the same set-up on a '99 1500 Vulcan Classic and it was a messy chore to keep changing jets and determining which ones to change to get the tuning right as they overlapped in some areas of the fuel curve. Your EFI product was much more precise in getting the right adjustments in just a couple of quick rides and a whole log easier to perform. All I had to do was stop a moment, make a fine tuning adjustment and go from there. Three fine tuning adjustments later, it was spot on.

What a great product. Thanks....Ken

From: Jeff Rennaker
Subject: Thank You!

I recently requested info regarding setup of my TFI unit for my Raptor 700R and info on a replacement "access plug" as well. The very next day someone got back to me with the recommended setting for my equipment setup, and someone else in your organization sent me the replacement rubber plug absolutely FREE. You guys have a great product, and I've got three buddies that WILL invest in one soon (unless they like looking at my butt!) It's really great to do business with a company that offers a great product at a good price and backs it up with super service.

Thanks again,

From: James E Groninger

"Dobeck Performance has gone well above and beyond the call of duty to help me get and install their product in my King Quad. It is so refreshing to be able to call a company and get first hand help from a company that cares about their product after the sale. If you want ATV performance, you want a Dobeck TFI."


From: Posted on forum

After a few tweaks away from the recommended settings, I have acheived ridability nirvana. Box-stock bike, with the exception of a K&N air filter. I did a full set-up prior to install (zero-zero, throttle body balance, re-install CCP, etc.), followed the set-up recommendations to the letter and just finished the first 200 miles.

First off, this bike has been a drivability pig since day one. No matter what amount of tune-effort I put into it, I could never bring this engine to run smoothly at partial throttle. It had the infamous surge to the degree that it was almost unridable, except on the coldest of mornings. Ambient temps over 80F would give it fits and made the bike extremely difficult to ride (I'm being kind here). Area BMW Dealers were and are useless in solving the problem (mine was so useless, they went under in 2 years).

I can't thank the engineers that created this solution enough for the transformation they've made in the character of my BMW. This is the bike BMW should have delivered in 2002. It's a different motorcycle and it runs smoother than I've ever experienced. I'll watch the plugs and tweak a little more, but I've acheived satisfaction immediately upon installation. Ridability is stellar, power delivery is linear up to where the cams come on (and from there it just hauls ass). Idle is smooth, cold start is better; not great, but not worse than prior to install. Throttle response is greatly improved and there's no sign of lean-popping on deceleration.

Thank you Dobeck Performance for a product that changes everything! I should have done this years ago!

From: Dale Walker
Subject: Dale Walker info

Dear Matt in the tech department

Here at Holeshot Performance Products i strive to give my customers a hand built top shelf exhaust and also tuning to match. I liked the idea and the simplicity of the TFI tuning box, so i thought id give one a try on my new 2006 DL-1000 V Strom with my Holeshot Performance slip-ons installed that i produce.The bike is stock form was very rough from about 2500 to 4000 RPM and it also got very poor fuel mileage at about 31 mpg . I was able to dial in this set up on my dyno using the TFI box and get a near perfect A/F ratio of 13:1 to 13:7 under steady cruise, light throttle load and full roll on to all the way to redline. You can see by my before and after dyno charts it makes tons of torque now a big power gain and its smooth all the way up.Out on the road it now runs perfect and to top it off, the best part is the bike picked up the mileage to 39 mpg. I am very please with the results of TFI tuning box and im sure it will be much simpler for my customers to set up that the other methods available on the market, and at a lower cost.Holeshot Performance will now be selling the TFI tuning box for selected models with my matching tune up.

I will have a new 2006 FZ1 pipe ready soon and im looking forward to the next TFI tuning session to go with it.

Dale Walker
Holeshot Performance Products Inc.

From: Duane Northrup
Subject: Suzuki DL 1000

Installation was a snap. I will be mounting modified DW Holeshots and a K&N and have Dale's numbers, but I have currently remounted stock exhaust and air cleaner and need settings for the stock set up. I appreciate DP and your product, it has served me well with my BMW R11 for years. Thanks

From: Forum post by johnnyeastside
Subject: RE: 03 Z1000 w/ airbox mod, stock pipes.

This has to be the best tech. support I've ever experienced. Please keep it up, because I'll tell everyone. I deal with alot of companies in this industry some better than others, and certain ones that get big time because of silly tv shows forget where they came from and how they got there. But I have been impressed with how I've been treated by you from day one. I hope more of my customers use your products so we can have the confidence of your support. Thanks.

From: Mynawlins@aol.com
Subject: Vance & Hines Fuelpac

I recently purchased a VH Fuelpac and am disappointed in the lack of power band information for the multiple codes. Typically V&H only supplies one set of 18 codes for what ever modification is listed.

I contacted them and told them that I went head to head with the exact same bike ('06 Ultra) manufactured 30 day before mine with the exact same exhaust slip-ons (also V&H) and the exact same air cleaner (stock air box with K&N filter). The only difference was that the other bike had a RevTech DFO unit. In comparison with the DFO, and I was pulled in every gear, in several runs attempts and especially in 5th.

V&H gave me another set of codes to "try" but I can receive no assurance from V&H that their unit is functioning as designed without harm to my machine. The also told me that powerband/adjustment information is proprietary and not for "public release".

I wanted to return the unit but there is no warranty for lack of my satisfaction.

Kevin Wilson
Tuttle, OK

After a few tweaks away from the recommended settings, I have achieved rid ability nirvana. Box-stock bike, with the exception of a K&N air filter. I did a full set-up prior to install (zero-zero, throttle body balance, re-install CCP, etc.), followed the set-up recommendations to the letter and just finished the first 200 miles.

First off, this bike has been a drivability pig since day one. No matter what amount of tune-effort I put into it, I could never bring this engine to run smoothly at partial throttle. It had the infamous surge to the degree that it was almost unridable, except on the coldest of mornings. Ambient temps over 80F would give it fits and made the bike extremely difficult to ride (I'm being kind here). Area BMW Dealers were and are useless in solving the problem (mine was so useless, they went under in 2 years).

I can't thank the engineers that created this solution enough for the transformation they've made in the character of my BMW. This is the bike BMW should have delivered in 2002. It's a different motorcycle and it runs smoother than I've ever experienced. I'll watch the plugs and tweak a little more, but I've achieved satisfaction immediately upon installation. Ridability is stellar, power delivery is linear up to where the cams come on (and from there it just hauls ass). Idle is smooth, cold start is better; not great, but not worse than prior to install. Throttle response is greatly improved and there's no sign of lean-popping on deceleration.

Thank you Dobeck Performance for a product that changes everything! I should have done this years ago!

From: Tom Connor
Subject: Great Job!!!

Mark, I wanted to tell of the great support I George Levings provided me.

I have a 2002 X-1 Buell. I was having problems with the bike (turned out to be temperature sensor) and one of the diagnostics I decided to do was to check the TFI (George's suggestion). He checked mine and discovered I had an older model. He sent me the current one and the now the bike screams. Runs terrific. It is a much better product than the first one I had.

George was also instrumental in helping me to calibrate my initial TFI.

Throughout all my dealings with Doebeck, George has been enthusiastic, willing to discuss/answer questions to MY satisfaction (I can be pretty detailed), and possesses superior technical knowledge.

You have a great employee, as you probably already know, but I had to tell you anyway.

From: jake

I just wanted to comment on your DP Techlusion TFI I bought a few months ago and installed on my '04 Yamaha R6. I installed your product alongside a GYT-R carbon fiber slip on exhaust, high flow BMC air filter & Four Graves velocity stacks. Your product made all the difference in how these upgrades worked together. Installation was easy. At idle ,the exhaust note is music to my ears. On decceleration, the popping sound when adding aftermarket exhausts, were eliminated. Most importantly, throttle response has greatly improved at all ranges. At slower speeds and in traffic the bike is less jerky. When riding in the mid to high rpm range (R6's already have an awesome powerband), the acceleration is smoother and throttle response is awesome. It actually slides me back in the seat, every time I quickly hit the throttle. On numerous occasions I've actually pop the front wheel up upshifting into the higher gears. At slow speeds, the throttle response is just as wicked, nasty even. I found that out the hard way. One day I decided to see how well it would do at a slow speed. I was accelerating up to about 20 mph (rpm was between 5 and 6k) when i decided to cut the throttle and hit it again to see if there would be a delayed response...there was absolute no delay and the throttle response was so quick that the bike stood up! The RPMs barely had a chance to drop as much. I never thought that was possible! The 1st year I had my R6 I had thought about upgrading to an R1 because of some of the typical shortcomings of a smaller bike. But, in conjuction w/the other upgrades, your product has breathed new life into my R6 to where, for the moment, I no longer feel the need or want to upgrade to a "bigger" bike. My buddy who rides an R1 w/exhaust and air filter upgrades and sporting the other more popular controller, notices how quickly I pull away during passes & how I keep pace with him during speed runs. He tried my bike and complimented on the bikes power!compliments like that from someone who rides a bike w/more power and torque carries a lot of weight. TFI works and it rocks! The only downside is...now I need to upgrade my brakes! Shaka!


From: Art Nicola
Subject: Testamonial

Hey Mark, great product!

Being a long time Harley rider (since '66) I new the drill for improving the performance on my new R1150R: Free up the intake, free up the exhaust and rejet the carb. Since there is no carb, I figured well maybe just the first two would be good enough. What a let down. After installing a K&N filter and Two Brothers Cat eliminator exhaust, I had a popping , wheezing slug that sounded like an anemic Bultaco. THe only gain I could detect was an increase in idle speed to 1500rpm. Disconnecting the O2 sensor helped slightly.

Fortunately, I read about your black box on the R1150R message board and ordered up a 1031. Result: AMAZING!One snort'n rocket. THe anemic Bultaco developed a throaty bark. SHe pulls strongly in 6th gear below 4000rpm for the fist time. THe only SURGE I'm experiencing is my neck surging back when I crack the throttle..all thanks to your black box which I call my virtual jets.


From: Jeff Willett
Subject: Honda vtx 1800r back firing

I am sending this Massage to let you know how much help your sevive tech was to me. I had a problem with my VTX back firing after putting on Vanson Hine pipes. I called Kirkland where I purchased the TFI, they gave me your phone number and I asked to speak with a service tech and they put me through to George. I explained my problem to George with no hesitation, George advised me to do a few things, try it and call him back. He walked me through step by step procedures and after three phone calls the problem was solved. I have to let you know, your service tech George is by far one of the best in the industry and very polite and customer orientated. I had spoke with other people about this problem and was told I would have to live with it because you get that from putting on after market pipes. Again, after talking to George it was solved in no time, he knew exactly what he was talking about and I just wanted to take the time to personally say thank you to you, and to George, for a great product.

Jeff Willett
Williamstown, VT

From: Ian James
Subject: TFI

Hi and Thank you for designing the TFI.

I have recently added a TFI unit to our autograss race car and it has made a huge difference to the performance to say the least. I have included a picture of it, (rear over axle engine, rear wheel drive,Suzuki Hayabusa powered class 8 special) We are half way through our season and Margaret (my better half) is looking forward to the Ladies National Championships with the addition of the TFI.

So Thank you once again for designing this revolutionary unit.

Ian James
Nottinghamshire, England

From: tom stone
Subject: RE: Initial Settings

Put on my hypercharger yesterday and set it pretty close to what you sent me...will tweak alittle more....but it now..SCREAMS......................................Great product....

From: Lund
Subject: Techlusion

The Techlusion works (BMW R259)! I returned my then new '95 R1100R (Oilhead) repeatedly back to my original dealer and to one other shop while under BMW's 3-year warranty to cure the lurching, jerking, surging (or as BMW refers to it, hunting) but to no avail. My dealer (Smith & Jones BMW in Missoula, Montana finally told me they couldn't fix it, and advised me to take it to Beaudry Motors in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, saying "maybe they know something we don't know". That's where my Oilhead spent the winter of '97-98. In the spring of 1998, the factory Rep from Washington D.C. was in Coeur d'Alene visiting Beaudry Motors. The Rep rode my bike and pronounced it "just fine". It wasn't! The problems continued even with the expert advice and help of Rob Lentini, who helped me set the throttle position sensor, and perfectly balance the injectors. However, the surging was never cured. I put up with this less-than-acceptable performance for another 7 years. Finally this spring I took the plunge and installed an R259 Techlusion.

What a difference! Instant tune up! I can ride at slow speed around parking lots and rough dirt campground roads with excellent throttle control. I can then increase speed evenly without fear of the engine stumbling or of being jerked off balance. Shame on BMW for not providing such a fix years ago, and even more shame for not fixing the 259 engine before it was ever released to the public. With this gadget installed, I am now a happy BMW rider. Now 75, I hope to look forward to enjoyably riding my Oilhead for at least a few more years before I turn in my key.

This gadget is not technically difficult to install. Routing the wires takes some forethought, and a digital DC voltmeter, though said to be highly recommended, I feel is really a necessary tool.

This is not a paid-for endorsement.

Roger C. Lund
Paradise, MT

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