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Why do I need an EFI controller?
Most new power sports vehicles come equipped with an ECU map developed by the OEM manufacturer to pass federal regulations. The stock ECU map does allow for small fuel changes to compensate for temperature changes, altitude changes,...etc, but does not allow the end user to make adjustments for additional modifications which affect the air flow like after market exhaust systems and air filters. EFI controllers are just like buying a jet kit for a carburetor vehicle. Even a stock vehicle can benefit from an EFI controller, but if you plan to do any other performance modifications to your vehicle then you should start with an EFI controller which allows you to tune the fuel.

What are the main differences between Dobeck and DynoJet's Power Commander controllers?
1. Price - DP controllers offer the same amount or even more performance gains at a better price point.
2. Simple adjustments - Make fine-tune adjustments with your DP controller on the vehicle. NO computers are required. NO dynamometer tuning is required. NO downloading different maps for changes in vehicle modifications. This simplicity allows you to optimize your fuel solution to maximize drive ability and performance.
3. Load Based Technology - DP controllers offer a better fuel solution for every driving condition and within every gear by basing fuel addition on engine load. The Power Commander uses throttle position and RPM technology which optimizes performance for only 4th gear.

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I hear your product only adds fuel. Is this true?
NO. This is only true for our GEN 2 (TFI) and GEN 3 (EJK) lines of controllers. We designed it that way to keep it simple and affordable. Our belief is that 80% of the time when you modify your vehicle you have to add fuel to obtain peak performance. Fuel systems are mapped by the factory to be lean in everyday driving conditions in order to meet emission standards. Then if you modify your vehicle with say an aftermarket exhaust system, which tends to reduce back pressure, you lean out the fuel mixture even more. In certain instances you do have to pull fuel and for those you will have to use our GEN 3.5 or higher technology which has this ability.

Fuel Injection seems complicated. How are Dobeck controllers stated to be easy to adjust?
You're right in believing that fuel injection is complicated. There are thousands of hours of design time in creating a solid and effective fuel injection map at the factory. The research and development of a solid fuel system also involves the design of a lot of reliable and proven sensors, components and other hardware. We believe that the factory fuel injection map is rock solid, and that the factory technicians and engineers possess a lot more knowledge and experience in designing their own systems than we do. However, the designers are still just creating an EFI system for a stock machine and to meet emission standards. You start modifying your vehicle and you will need a fuel solution to compensate for the changes. That's what we offer. An electronic controller to adjust your own fuel mixture which can be done without a computer.

What if I tune my vehicle and then ride up into the mountains. Will I have to re-adjust?
Probably not. Dobeck controllers are all "piggy-back" systems. It attaches directly to the signal between the ECU and the injectors and only modifies the length or duration of the pulse width. All of the factory-specified and required settings for temperature, altitude and barometric pressure adjustments are still made by the ECU. We just adjust the injector signal after all those factory calculations are made.

What if I add or change my performance modifications? What do I have to do to my EFI controller?
Dobeck controllers are a full-range product that can handle a number of different performance modifications. The on-board adjustments allow you to make the necessary changes. Most of the time you will just have to adjust the settings to reflect the new modifications. NO downloads. NO computers. It's that easy.

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