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Magneti Marelli - Solving the ECU problem

When tuning a DP product on Harley Davidsons, you may come across mechanical and/or sensor issues that have preceded the installation of our product. This can confuse the tuning procedures. If DP base settings seem way off, you may want to have your mechanic look into the following:

1995-2001 Touring Models
1. In all of the recommended suggestions and settings given below, it is imperative that you are working on a FULLY warmed up engine. That means driving the bike for a good 15 minutes and then idling it for another 2 to 3 minutes before attempting any adjustment.

2. The following information is strictly for the Magneti Marelli injection system. This includes all FLHs, Road Kings, etc., up to 2001. If adding fuel on the green pot causes decreased performance, follow this procedure:

- Make sure the bike idles at 1000 to 1050 rpm. No exceptions. If the idle speed is wrong, remove the air cleaner cover and re-adjust. To verify that your bike's idle is not on the high idle mechanism, attempt to insert a small piece of paper between the base of the idle screw and the bracket it pushes against. Make sure you are adjusting and checking the idle screw, not the high idle adjustment. Check your shop manual if you are not sure. Once you have made the adjustment, double check with the air cleaner re-installed. The air cleaner and vent hose can cause a change in idle. Now follow the rest of the instructions.

- The number one problem we see is an intake manifold leak at the cylinder head. Check this by spraying aerosol carb cleaner at the intake manifold area when the bike is idling. If your idle changes, you have a leak that needs to be fixed before proceeding.

- If there is no air leak, cycle the ignition key on and off 10 times, allowing the fuel pump to start and run until it stops each time.

- With the key off, pull the two flat fuses on the right side, for 15 minutes and replace them.

- Now, start the bike and re-attempt tuning the green zone with our product. If there is still no change, disconnect our unit.

- Remove the air cleaner assembly to gain access to the throttle position sensor (TPS). Using a windproof lighter or small torch, heat the epoxy on the two Torx screws holding the TPS onto the throttle body. Once warm, dig out the epoxy so you can loosen the two screws.

- Make a scribe mark on the TPS and throttle body as a reference, loosen slightly the two Torx screws, and bring the engine up to a fast idle of about 1500 rpm. Very gently, tap the TPS clockwise (moving the top of the TPS switch toward you as you face the bike), so it rotates the switch the thickness of a business card (.010") off your scribe mark. You should notice a change in the exhaust note to a leaner, uneven sound.

- Tighten the Torx screws, reconnect our unit and set the green fuel pot again. If you have achieved the desired smooth idle, verify that the idle is still at 1000-1050 rpm. If so, pull the fuses for 15 minutes and restart the bike one more time. If the idle has changed, you need to readjust to 1000-1050 rpm, and then pull the fuses and restart.

3. Another common problem we see is a failed temperature sensor. The noticeable issues connected with this failure are erratic drivability problems (there one day but not the next, etc.); and backfiring on de-acceleration from high rpm down to 3000 rpm.

4. If your bike has been experiencing occasional stalling, or de-tonation at light loads (like in parking lots, etc.), we have found in the field, that sometimes removing the last factory HD download can solve those conflicts. Our product always works best with a minimum of pre-existing downloads. Have your dealer remove one download and test ride your bike to confirm an improvement of those issues prior to installing our product.

2000 and Up: Soft Tail Models | 2002 and Up: Touring Models | 2004 and Up: Dyna Models
On some Delphi equipped bikes (2001-up Soft Tails, and all 2002-up) equipped with aftermarket performance cam shafts, the green fuel pot setting can be difficult to set up. This is due to the longer overlap that makes the map sensor read incorrectly. Please call our tech line at 1-877-764-3337 for suggestions. On Delphi equipped bikes, the factory has added a safety feature that will add fuel if the motor reaches a temperature of 280 degrees. This is very hot, and you should never experience this unless driving in a parade, or other slow speed events for prolonged periods. If you are aware in advance of being in this situation, we suggest reducing the green fuel pot setting by one full clock setting (i.e. 3:00 to 2:00 o'clock)

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